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SEDRIX Online Monitoring Solution

Remote access for device management and evaluation of the MENHIR vibration measuring device

The cloud-based application SEDRIX sets the MENHIR apart as being the ultimate vibration monitoring solution. It provides a fully secured solution for remotely accessing your projects and meters.

Data Management

Simply define your measuring points, combine them into projects or project hierarchies and assign MENHIR meters to the measuring points. You will then always have a structured access to all of your monitoring projects.

Visualisation of vibration measurement data

All your data are presented tabular and graphical forms according to your configurations as well as in compliance with relevant standards and regulations. You will have both structured overviews as well as all detailed information.

Data analysis

Comprehensive analytic functions both in time and frequency domain allow for fast and precise assessment of the vibration profiles and impact:

  • Filtering, Averaging, RMS, KB
  • FFT, PSD, Octave Band Analysis
  • Acceleration, velocity, displacement
  • VDV, Secondary Airborne Noise

Data classification will be in compliance with selected norms and regulations:

  • D: DIN 4150-2/-3
  • CH: VSS 40 312
  • AT: ÖNORM S9012/20
  • F: Circulaire ‘86
  • NL: SBR-A/-B
  • GB: BS 7385-2
  • I: UNI 9614


Customizable report templates provide automatic generation of tailored reports to dedicated stakeholders. Simply define or import your templates and let SEDRIX automatically generate, archive and/or distribute these reports according to your settings.

Alerting and Notification

  • Online status of all of your MENHIR Vibration measuring devices
  • Alerting in case of defined threshold or DIN 4150-3 exceedance
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Carl-Metz-Strasse 26
76275 Ettlingen, Germany
+49 7243 5148254
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015