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Vibration measuring device MENHIR

Compact vibration measurement technology for building dynamics, structural monitoring and seismics

MENHIR (Modular ENHanced Intelligent Recorder) is an innovative solution for measuring vibrations and analysing vibrations in real time. The device has WLAN connectivity for online data recording and various accessories for customised adaptation to application requirements. Thanks to its integrated and optional external power supply, MENHIR can be used flexibly and on the move. The system also offers alarm functions for rapid notification of events. MENHIR is the ideal solution for reliable use in various monitoring and measurement applications.

Areas of application for vibration measuring devices

Vibration measuring devices play an important role in various areas of application. They are primarily used in the construction industry to monitor and control vibrations and shocks during building projects. However, they are also used in environmental monitoring, traffic planning and the monitoring of industrial machinery. By precisely measuring these parameters, potential damage can be recognised at an early stage and damage prevention measures can be initiated. Vibration measuring devices can therefore be used to ensure the safety of buildings, structures and machines. Translated with (free version)

Your advantages with vibration measurement

  • Simple installation
  • High-resolution measurement data acquisition
  • Intuitive measurement system with secure remote access
  • Robust, compact housing suitable for construction sites and can therefore also be used in very harsh environments for real-time vibration monitoring
  • Extensive networking options allow almost unlimited devices and project configurations
  • Optimised for integration into the SEDRIX cloud application
  • Alarm when limit values are exceeded
  • Export of measurement data for comprehensive analysis and visualisation as well as automated reporting in accordance with applicable standards and regulations
Vibration measuring device MENHIR
Data sheet Vibration measuring device MENHIR

Data sheet

For further information please refer to the data sheet “MENHIR - Compact monitoring platform for civil engineering, structural dynamics, and seismic applications”

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