Data Management


METRIS is a PC-based software tool to analyze exported data for Windows- and MacOS based computers providing a large suite of functions:

  • • Analysis and visualization of transient and continuous vibrations in compliance with relevant standards:
    • D: DIN-4150-2/3
    • CH: SN 640 312
    • A: ÖNORM S 9012/20
    • F: Circ. ‘86
    • NL: SBR-A/B
    • UK: BS 7385-2
  • Time and frequency analysis with post-processing options
  • Modal analysis, Response spectra
  • Serviceability analysis (Vibration criteria)
  • Human comfort (VDV)
  • Flexible format options for saving and exporting analysis results
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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