Data Management


The SmartDataCenter cloud based software solution sets the MENHIR apart as being the ultimate vibration monitoring system. It provides a fully secure solution with capability for remote project, device and data access with full-featured automated report generation options.

Data Management

Simply define your measuring points, combine them into projects or project hierarchies and assign MENHIR devices to the measuring points. You will then always have structured access to all your monitoring projects.

State of Health

Along with the vibration data, comprehensive state of health information of the MENHIR devices are transmitted to the SmartDataCenter in order to provide a complete chronology of state information over the entire project runtime.


All your data are presented in tabular and graphical form according to your settings as well as in compliance with the relevant governing standards. You will have both structured overviews as well as all detailed information.


Comprehensive analysis tools both in time as well as in frequency domain allow for fast and precise conclusion of the vibration impact in compliance with the applicable standard.


Flexible report templates provide automatic generation of tailored reports to dedicated stakeholders. Simply define or import your report templates and let SmartDataCenter automatically generate, archive and/or send these reports according to your specifications.


Upon completion of a monitoring project, you may want to archive it for subsequent access.


In case you may want to export your data for 3rd party tool analysis, comprehensive export features and formats (CSV, ASCII, XMR/BMR, …) are available.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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