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Vibration Recorder

MENHIR (Modular Enhanced Intelligent Recorder) measures vibrations and shocks in an efficient and secure way. MENHIR makes complex tasks in structural dynamics, structural and vibration monitoring easy with customized solutions.

All of these areas require robust equipment with high reliability recording, data transfer and analysis to handle high demands. MENHIR, in conjunction with the SDC software (Smart Data Center) specially developed for this purpose, guarantees secure collection, transmission and data analysis as a total solution.

MENHIR’s simple and intuitive operating concept allows anyone with minimal training to work successfully and quickly with the system.


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    Switch on and measure. Check result. Done.

    Tell us your application and we will deliver MENHIR with your specifications relevant, standardized configuration to you, so that you can start work immediately. Of course, you can change settings at any time as desired. MENHIR’s easy-to-use configuration tool gives you quick and full access to all parameters and values, as well as all analytical options and results.

    • Web-based, high-resolution measurement system
    • Integrated sensor
    • Internal battery
    • Self-alignment (tilt compensation up to 10 °)
    • IP 65 (IP 67 optional)
    • Mobile M2M dual SIM card
    • WLAN, RF, GPS, LAN
    • Relay output
    • Smart Data Center
    • Intuitive configuration
    • SSL / SSH encryption (no VPN required)
    • Measurements according to many national standards
    • Calibrated by an independent accredited calibration laboratory
    • Intuitive data analysis
    • Automatically generated reporting

    More Facts & Figures can be found in the pdfData Sheet MENHIR


    Anytime. Anywhere.

    sdc logoThe SDC Smart Data Center offers a fully integrated Cloud Solution to provide full access to your data and device status anytime, and, if desired, to the standard-compliant analysis of the data.

    Access your data quickly and easily from your PC, tablet or smartphone to. It requires no effort to set up access.

    Administration and evaluation in the Smart Data Center


    More details can be found in the pdfFolder Smart Data Center


    Scale according to your needs.

    Whether you manage only one measuring point or dozens, MENHIR makes it easy. The innovative cloud solution „Smart Data Center“ (SDC) Basic is included as an integral part of MENHIR system.*

    An optional complete analysis module is also available for the SDC. It provides a tool for effortlessly comparing to all common standards. Reports may be configured to your liking, automatically generated and transmitted electronically in free adjustable intervals.

    *After the first year of use, minor charges apply for server hosting and maintenance contract.

    Smart Data Center as an integral part of MENHIR


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    Full flexibility.

    An internal SIM card slot available. The additional, external SIM card slot, allows you to determine at any time, without opening the device, which provider transmits your data. Your MENHIR may also be equipped with with an optional, inexpensive M2M solution.

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    Full autonomy.

    o power at the job site? Never mind, MENHIR’s internal battery provides up to 48 hours operating autonomy, depending on transmission requirements.

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    Easy installation.

    The innovative measurement concept allows you to place the MENHIR with up to 10 ° offset on the ground. MENHIR detects the offset and corrects it automatically. You can also align the device exactly with the three, integrated leveling screws. No mounting platform is required.

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